A digital token which aims to increase efficiency of resource allocation in the construction sector.

About ProfinCoin

ProfinCoin is a digital token which aims to increase efficiency of resource allocation in the construction sector. For the first issue size of 500,000,000.00 Baht, ProfinCoin will be allocated to finance short-term factoring loans from construction companies whose accounts receivable are used as collaterals. The borrowers and projects are carefully selected by an investment committee consisting of practitioners, academics, and a representative of token holders.
When this first lot of loans is maturing, the proceeds can be reinvested by two methods which are direct and indirect through active fund management. Digital lending platforms for construction projects will be created to serve a direct lending. This platform will connect all ProfinCoin holders with qualified companies which require financing. ProfinCoin holders can individually select construction projects they would like to finance.



Typical individual investors will have a more diversified investment portfolio. Investment in ProfinCoin is likely to provide a stable recurring stream of income since it involves direct investment in real sector through qualified projects from trustworthy companies.

Construction Companies

Construction companies will experience a more efficient way to finance feasible projects. All companies will be screened and approved by the ProFin investment committee. Funding decision can be either made by ProfinCoin crowd direct lending or by ProfinCoin investment fund.


As transaction costs of raising capital is narrowed and the right money is allocated to the right project, this ProfinCoin will help ensure the sustainability of long-term economic growth.

How Does It Works ?

ProfinCoin Portfolio Reserve (PCP)

Once ProfinCoin is created, an investment committee of Profin Group will be responsible for approval of investable projects. After the approval process, the management team will allocate funds to each project based on its expected return, risk and maturity profile.

ProfinCoin Select (PCS)

ProfinCoin portal will be available for holders to keep track of ProfinCoin investments, the manage investment methods and navigate all investable projects approved by investment committee. Borrower’s general information and deal summaries will be displayed in order for ProfinCoin holder to back each project individually. Borrower’s general information will include name, overall payment rating and financial information while deal summaries will precisely indicate maturity along with required fund size at proposed interest rates.

Project Timeline

Public Release of White Paper
February 2018
KYC Process
March 2018
Presale of ProfinCoin
May 2018
Sale of ProfinCoin
June 2018
Web Portal for ProfinCoin Select (PCS)
July 2018
First Round of ProfinCoin Portfolio Reserve (PCP)
March 2019
June 2019


Investment Committee

Core Working Team


Q: What is ProfinCoin token type?

A: ProfinCoin is the only asset backed token which aims to increase efficiency of resource allocation in the construction sector.

Q: How to purchase ProfinCoin?

A: Please follow the instruction:

  1. Create an account by entering an email and a chosen password
  2. Verify identity with KYC process by:
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • ID card
    • Bank book
  3. Purchase ETH from external exchange source or transfer THB to a given account
  4. Verify identity in order to convert ETH/THB to ProfinCoin by password and OTP. After the transaction is completed, you will receive ProfinCoin.

Q: When will ProfinCoin be available to purchase?

A: The presale of ProfinCoin will begin on March 15, 2018

Q: What is the minimum and the maximum amount of ProfinCoin that I can purchase?

A: The minimum amount is 50,000 ProfinCoin and the maximum is 300,000 ProfinCoin (According to SEC’s Consultation Paper of ICO).

Q: What is the price of ProfinCoin on presale?

A: THB 1.00 with 100% asset-backed